Top 8 Fanciest Universities in the Philippines


We often see universities competing for the ‘best and brightest’ when talking about achievements and the great minds they’ve produced to serve our country. Often, this is the basis of many parents and students who wish to find the academe that will develop their potential.

But for some who look after aesthetics, a university that catches the eyes of its students is also included in the criteria. So today we present to you our own universities full of glamour and timeless beauty. Come and bring your cameras!

  1. University of the Santo Tomas

Listed as one of the Top 4 Universities in the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas doesn’t let its campus be left behind when it comes to its beautiful structures that reflect the splendor of the Middle Ages.

Located in Sampaloc, Manila, USTe’s hallmarks include the famous Arch of Centuries, Santisimo Rosario Parish, Msgr. Miguel Benavidez Statue and its magnificent outside view.

Bes vintage. Bes banal. Bes kalma.


  1. University of San Carlos

University of San Carlos (USC) is a catholic university located in Cebu City. As the premier university in Cebu and was founded during the Spanish Era, USC claims to be the oldest university in Asia, instead of University of Santo Tomas. USC’s campus is known for its architectural design and breathtaking color that will surely catch your attention.


  1. University of the Philippines Los Baños

UP Los Baños is the national university of our country. First organized in 1909, UPLB is best known for its environmental friendly design that shows its excellence in pursuing agriculture and forestry studies in the country. The University is surrounded by Palm Trees and is well known for its Carabao Park and Freedom Park’s Fertility Tree. Nature feed goals~