Top 10 Achievements And Failures of PNoy Administration

Featured Image- PNoy

While people are excited for DU30’s reign, exasperation is expressed in Pnoy’s administration. Panot? Abnoy? These are just some of the harsh words thrown to him.

Amidst criticisms, he is proud to boast his successful projects, but his administration has also faced controversies and failures. Want to check these? Let’s see the top controversial achievements and failures of the Aquino administration!

  1. Public-Private Partnerships

We always hear that PNoy signed a PPP (Public-Private Projects), then another, and another. But what’s new? Well just so you know, PNoy’s administration is the most successful in approving PPP deals. In 2010, he approved 10 PPP projects, compared to Estrada who once had the most number of projects: THREE.

Want examples? NAIA Expressway Project, Cavite-Laguna Expressway and Daang Hari-SLEX Road Project are just few.


  1. Daang Matuwid

Perhaps one of the controversial advocacies of PNoy is the journey of the government in getting the prize of strict governance – zero corruption. Remember the dramatic impeachment of Renato Corona and the arrest of the former president Gloria Arroyo?

These are just some of the major moves PNoy did, but how about his allies? He was criticized for sparing some of his allies. But we do not know for sure, his Daang Matuwid advocacy is pretty much confusing.