8 Famous Celebrities Who Have Famous Children

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Celebrities in the Philippines are often followed by a great number of fans that are very willing to go gaga for them. Their exceptional acting skills and charming looks entice people to follow their footsteps. But as new generation of Filipinos comes in, these celebrities also pass on their heredity to their sons and daughters.

Your cravings for showbiz updates will be satisfied, as you read this top 8 celebrity parents with their children rising as the new stars of this generation!

  1. Niño and Alonzo Muhlach

Do you still remember the cute child star of the 80’s? Niño Muhlach rocked the entire country with his cuteness and charming character in his movies and commercials. Today, it is not a surprise to see that his son Alonzo Muhlach is getting the attention of crowds.

Alonzo is seen in his McDo and Magnolia Cheezee commercials, and became a cast of Star Cinema’s Beauty and the Bestie and MMFF’s My Big bossing. This kid is really following his father’s path to stardom!


  1. The Team Kramer

Want another cuteness overload? The Kramer family offers you more! The amazing relationship of PBA player Doug Kramer and former actress and Ang TV cast Cheska Garcia blossomed, giving birth to three adorable kids – Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin Kramer. Name Goals!

Cheska and Kendra appeared in Nesfruta’s Dalandan and the whole Team had their Red Ribbon’s Choco Roll and Del Fabric Softener commercial, and more! These kids amaze people by their cuteness, and if they grow up? Oh my. People will probably be dazzled!