8 Commercial Endorsers Who Became Celebrity Superstars

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Did you know that some celebrities we admire won’t be in the spotlight without being discovered in commercials? Many of us are so ultra-mega-rabid fanatics… or should we say…crazy, when we see our celebrity idols on TV. Those good-looking, charming, and oh-so-yummy artists are really good in turning the minds of millions upside down.

You will get surprised upon realizing that the famous celebrities you knew started in commercials, let’s check them out!

  1. Niño Muhlach

Does anyone see Alonzo Muhlach, the kid featured in McDo’s fathers’ day commercial? We shouldn’t be surprised by his cuteness, because his father was also a child actor in his younger years. Dubbed as the “Child Wonder of the Philippine Cinema”, Niño is the highest-paid child actor in the history of Pinoy Cinema.

But opposite from his success, Niño started in his Milk Maid commercial. There you will see the little Niño drinking his milk while the song, “grow tall, little man” is heard. Sometimes we wish we have their cute-genes, right?

Niño Muhlach 3

View TV commercial here: Nino Muhlach- Milk Maid

  1. Toni Gonzaga

An actress, singer and host, perhaps you’ve seen Toni in “Starting Over Again”, or watched her host Pinoy Big Brother. But looking back, Toni got her biggest break in her Sprite Commercial.

Having a lively and outgoing personality, she appeared in her first commercial with Piolo Pascual. Toni was known for her, “I love you, Piolo!” line when she saw Piolo. Little did she know that her cheery skills will lead her to her discovery.

Toni Gonzaga 3

View TV commercial here: Toni Gonzaga- Sprite