10 Things You Might Not Know About Kris Aquino


Kris Aquino. Krissy, Tetcha, or Kristeta has always been a significant icon in the Philippine media. She has hosted numerous talk shows and game/variety shows. She has also been in different genres of movies that were box-office hits, she has her own magazine, etc.; granting her the title of the ‘Queen of All Media.’ Whether we like it or not, we are all curious and furious about her life behind the camera.

Her life is an open book, yet, there are still things we might know nothing about her. I present to you the 10 more things you should know about Krissy.

  1. Kris magnet-ed one of the highest ratings ever!

Kris Aquino’s first TV appearance was on the GMA7 show See True hosted by Inday Badiday, in 1985, when she was just 14 years old. Many viewers found her candid and fun to watch with the exception of her family’s involvement in a political mess. There were even rumors that her appearance in that particular episode rated above 70^. It may be one of the highest ratings ever in the history of Philippine television. Pak pak boom, ganern.

PS: Note that today’s highest television ratings would only get a 30


  1. Kris as a [horror] box-office star

As mentioned earlier, Kris Aquino is known for her movies that were surely box-office hits. Two of the most well-known movies that she starred in are both horror movies; Feng Shui and Sukob. Feng Shui was hailed the highest grossing Filipino movie of 2004, it’s known to be commercially successful as it was made during the ‘Asian-horror’ era. There were offers for it to have a Hollywood version but Star Cinema is yet to have a decision.

Sukob, top billed by Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto, was the highest grossing film of 2006 and was once known as the highest grossing Filipino film of all time. She’s indeed a scream queen.