10 Surprising Things You May Not Know About Leni Robredo

Vice Presidentiable Leni Robredo. (JOHN JEROME GANZON)

Leni Robredo’s triumph as our newly elected Vice President is still a source of conflicts for many Filipinos. The controversial vote gap between her and Bongbong Marcos caused people to doubt the legitimacy of her victory.

In spite of the issue, her victory still proves that she’s widely sought by many in the country. Her goal to reach out the marginalized sectors or yung nasa laylayan revealed much of her advocacy, but aside from that, people are still unaware of who Leni Robredo is.

That’s why, we searched for amazing facts that will surely reveal more of Leni’s personal life – facts that will inspire people and reflect the voice of Filipinos who’ve been waiting for change.

  1. Like President DU30, she also studied at San Beda College

Robredo and Duterte have numerous differences. One can easily point out that they don’t belong in the same political party. Both sides have also had their heated conflicts all over the Internet and in the national TV.

But setting their differences aside, Leni attended the same College where Duterte studied.  It’s widely known that Duterte finished Law at San Beda College, but Robredo also studied in San Beda to take her Master of Business Administration.


  1. She is a lawyer and a social activist

Prior to her journey in the Congress, Leni studied Law at the University of Nueva Caceres and served in the Public Attorney’s Office. Aside from being a lawyer, Leni is shown to have prioritized the social challenges in our country, even before she went into politics.

Leni has earlier become the coordinator of SALIGAN (Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Panligan) that motivates professionals to receive leadership roles, and also reach out communities that have little access to legal services. She founded the Lakas ng Kababaihan ng Naga Federation that focuses on giving women training and livelihood opportunities.


  1. She is a strong advocate of FOI Act

Duterte has recently released a statement that he would create an Order to legalize the Freedom of Information Act to make sure that corruption among politicians will be wiped out and people will have an access to their transactions.

But even before Duterte’s administration, people have already been demanding that the Bill be approved, and Robredo is one of them. In one of her interviews, Robredo admitted being frustrated that the law is ignored in the House of the Representatives.


  1. Before the 2016 elections, Leni’s already a politician

People usually label Robredo as a newbie or walang alam in the political arena. But before she became the Vice President, fate made its way for Robredo to enter politics through a painful tragedy – the death of her husband.

Shortly after Jesse Robredo died, she became the chairperson of the Liberal Party in her hometown, Camarines Sur. In 2013, Robredo became a Congresswoman after defeating a member of a powerful political dynasty in Camarines Sur.