10 Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin Featured

Angel Locsin’s unexpected breakup with Luis Manzano shocked the nation. Everyone thought that their love story would be sweeter the second time around, but it’s sometimes true that some things will come to an end.

But who’s Angel Locsin? Aside from her controversial breakup, a lot of things can be said about her life. From her early career up to this day, much of her background has been exposed through the television, and to reiterate those things is the role of this scoop.

Here’s the list:

  1. She is a part of a royal Muslim family

You may not know it, but Angel came from a royal Muslim family in Lanao Del Sur’s Marawi City. In one of her interviews with ABS-CBN, she said that she didn’t really like boasting about her royal lineage, noting that her relatives there lead a simple life.

Although a Christian, she openly told interesting stories about her family. She told that a princess adopted her mother, and a report found out that her grandfather was one of the 15 sultanates in Marawi City. Despite the differences in religion, her family in Marawi welcomes her gladly.


  1. It’s time to dub her the Fantaserye queen

Angel’s past roles can be considered a sign that she loves doing fantasy roles. In both TV stations she attended, she starred various Fantaserye roles that captured the eyes of the audience.

In August 2004, we watched Angel as Alwina in GMA’s Mulawin, as the normal Narda becoming Darna, and as Sabina in Majika. When she transferred to ABS-CBN, she starred as the White Wolf Lyka in Lobo and Lia Ortega in Imortal. #FantaseryeQueen


  1. She dedicates her birthday to other people

‘Di lang siya sexy, matulungin pa!

In one of her interviews, Angel said that she prefers sharing the blessings she receives than preparing a party during her birthday.

When she celebrated her 24th birthday, she did it with the group GABRIELA by personally teaching the participants tips on self-defense right after she had a taping. In 2008, she went to Payatas, Quezon City to provide food and clothes for the children.


  1. She has a Politician nephew older than her

Last election, we saw Angel Locsin with a politician on TV and campaign materials. But unknown for many, Neri Colmenares is Angel Locsin’s nephew (according to a report from ABS-CBN). Hence, her original name is Angel Locsin Colmenares.

Dubbed as the Fighter ng Bayan, Neri ran as a senator last election. Neri is a militant lawmaker under the Makabayan bloc. Angel gave her full support to Colmenares, and she even went with Neri to file a Certificate of Candidacy for senator.